Teacher’s Day

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Nurturer, friend and guide

They leave an indelible mark in our lives

As a not so studious child, I always took pride in how well I scored in the languages in comparison with subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies and Geography. Physics and Andromeda galaxy always had to be nightmares. And if I have to confess, all I probably remember of physics is F=M x A (Force equals Mass into Acceleration)! Oh no, you guessed it wrong. I was an above average student at school; however this was more to do with a benchmark I had set that I couldn’t really live up to.

The hatred or fear of these subjects eventually grew and knew no bounds after a few years. We feared most of these teachers in school, because we thought we weren’t meeting their expectations. It always seemed like a war against nature when we students had to score at least grace marks to move on to the next division/class.

While I was disinterested in Physics and Maths, or rather these subjects were disinterested in me; there was some hope in History and Geography. The reason we showed some interest in Geography was our elegantly dressed Saree-clad teacher, who on any given day was so prim and proper, that we as young girls always wanted to be her when we grew up. The bright yet classy colour combos of her saree and the intentionally mismatched blouse to go with it, was a sight that no girl could ever forget.

Our English teachers, most of them, were pretty much “English” in their behaviour as well. Smart skirts, ironed tops/shirts with no signs of them being crushed anywhere.

Many of us have religiously believed that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body, and who better could have made us believe this other than our sports teacher? Sports, brought discipline in our otherwise haphazard lives. It taught us how to have the team spirit and strive to achieve our goals even if it seemed highly achievable.

We all have had highs and lows in life, but when in school or college where we usually spent most of our growing up years, it was either friends or teachers who hand-held us and helped us bounce back from the difficulties.

We all have had teachers who would play the role of our parents during their absence, laughed with us like our friends and became Hitlers when we needed to get back on track in our academics. For me it was my social studies/English teacher. Are you now thinking who your role model was?

Besides how our teachers dressed, we also remember how they talked and even how they walked, sometimes. That is because we cherish our school and college memories where we spent a major part of our day. Back then we may have complained or even hated attending those classes or learning anything that was taught, but today we respect all our teachers who have played a pivotal role in making the product that we are today!

Happy Teachers’ Day


Reminiscing Childhood:

  1. 9 Planets in the Solar SystemMy Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Well, that is how most of us remembered the order of how our planets were placed in the solar system.
  2. Memorising the days of the month – 30 days in September, April, June and November; All the months have 31 days; except February 28. Or identify the number of days by pointing above and below your knuckles.

Sapna S Hiremath

About the Author: I would love to be called an avid traveller, but there is not too much travelling that I have done. There is always an aspiration though. I am a die-hard Bollywood movie buff and contribute to the entertainment sector by watching movies in the theatres mostly. Needless to say, pop-corn and aerated drinks become a part of that episode. With a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, I began my stint with the news media for a few years and then moved on to the thriving online search marketing sector and now am in the healthcare industry. Although I prefer being in the serene landscapes of nature, I like being with the crowd, partying and hanging out with friends.


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