Danvanthiri joins the Organ Donation bandwagon

Danvanthiri executed its first branding awareness promotion event, ‘Blitz’ in Coimbatore on the occasion of World Heart Day (29th September 2016). The core objective of this event was to create awareness among people about Organ Donation and the services of the Danvanthiri App.

A team of Danvanthiri employees including the co-founders Mr. Prabakaran and Mr. Sivachenduran split into two sets – one team at Raheja Enclave and the other near RK Photo Shop at 5.30 am and distributed leaflets about organ donation and highlighted the features of the Danvanthiri app. This was done to educate the residents living around Race Course road who were out for a walk or were getting their daily dose of fresh air while jogging and exercising. The team strutted placards with a message “Have a Heart, Become a Donor”.

As many as 1500 leaflets were distributed and more than 200 curious passersby enquired about the App and its services. They seemed delighted to know that awareness about Organ Donation was being created. The team was also privileged to meet some people who had already pledged their organs and in turn suggested contact details of their friends and relatives who would donate their organs for this noble deed. The passersby appreciated the effort and complimented the effort.

Danvanthiri organised Happy Streets, another Organ Donation awareness event on NSR road on 2nd October on the renowned Car-Free Sunday event, an initiative of The Hindu association with Coimbatore Corporation and city traffic police.
Pedestrians took over the roads and free from the fear of being knocked down by vehicles or sound pollution caused due to the constant honking. The participants used the space as they liked as the police cordoned off the stretch for vehicular movement.

The initiative aims at bringing in people from all walks of life to gather and enjoy the serene and car-free roads and help their lungs breathe by involving themselves in physical activities like walking, jogging, cycling, playing, relaxing and meeting friends. Danvanthiri organised a street dance performance that was enjoyed by the onlookers. Children carrying balloons chanted messages “Have a heart, become a donor”. This initiative was well accepted by the participants of the event.


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