Medical App to the Rescue

An apple a day apparently keeps the doctor away. Sometimes despite having taken care of your health by eating the right thing at the right time, you fall ill. At times such as these, you wonder what could have been done to not have been in that situation ever.

While you can do so many things to protect yourself from ailments, immunity is something that cannot be taken for granted. Keeping your health in mind and trying to rid you from the tension, trauma and other adjectives related to pain that you undergo during this phase, getting you back into action becomes the need of the hour.

Towards making this experience less distressing Danvanthiri Medical Tourism, a start-up venture initiative of Maleshaa Inc., has launched the first of its kind Healthcare App that hosts a whole lot of features apart from just booking a doctor’s appointment.

The App helps you take care of yourself and your loved ones, all at the click of a button. From booking a doctor’s appointment to taking tests at diagnostic centres, from ordering medicines online at pharmacies to getting quotations from hospitals to undergo a surgery, you name it and they have it. They have special features of getting quotes from diagnostic centres and hospitals where you can compare quotes and then choose the service thus making an informed decision.

In short, this free App is technology entwined into the healthcare industry.

Let’s take a look at how a common user can be benefitted by the various features this App has got:

Doctor Appointment:

You can search for verified doctors specialised in Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy etc. Both the doctor and the patient save time through this organised booking system which is managed efficiently. This also gives the user freedom from those long hours of wait in the clinic lobby.

Hospital booking:

This facility helps users who need to undergo planned surgeries or treatments. You can receive quotations from hospitals of your choice and based on the facilities available in each hospital you can choose the one that fits the bill.

Save Me:

This is a unique feature that helps you during times of emergencies when you cannot even make a phone call to book an ambulance. After pressing the Save Me button, the patient co-ordinator is notified and comes with an ambulance at your door-step after understanding the intensity of your medical condition.

Ordering medicine online:

This App allows you to upload the doctor’s prescription online and send it across to pharmacies in the vicinity. Once the pharmacies look at the availability of the medicines, they send across the quotation, which helps you to place an order online.

You can ascertain that all the medicines you require are in stock and also have the benefit of choosing the cheapest/reliable suppliers and choose for it to be delivered to your door-step. This is especially helpful when you have to go late in the night to buy medicines, thereby saving your valuable time.

Diagnostic Centre:

When there is a need to undergo tests at diagnostic centres, one is often are restless with the long hours of waiting in the queue, despite having called and booked earlier. You can also request for quotations from the diagnostic centres and compare the prices before booking an appointment.

Patient Co-Ordinator:

This is a special feature which helps you get assistance in cases where you cannot speak the local language or are unaware of the roads or location. The patient co-ordinator helps guide you through your hospital stay and ensures that all your transactions are hassle-free.

Ambulance Services:

You can book an ambulance by calling the ambulance services during emergencies.

Blood Donor Services:

Finding blood donors within a stipulated time during emergencies is difficult. During such an emergency this Donor service helps you find the contact details of the registered donor in the vicinity and helps you get blood in time.

Organ Donor Services:

There is a huge dearth of organ donors in India and it is about time you did your bit to save lives afterlife. You can sign up on the App and become an organ donor.

With a gamut of features created for your convenience, in one single App, I think it’s about time you embrace technology and use it for a better health. Remember: Your Health is Vital and you cannot ignore it!


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