Weighty Matters

Hey you! Yeah you. Stop hogging on those packaged foods, being all depressed because the whole world stares you left, right and centre. Well it does nothing but make you put on more weight, become lazy, unhealthy and disease prone.


Obesity is not about body shaming, it is so much more than that. Obesity slows down a body’s physical and mental capabilities. It is like this grave virus that if attacked once, is hard to get rid of, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Excessive intake of food, lack of physical activity and sometimes involvement of genetics and medical reasons leads to obesity. Hogging on those calories will do more harm than good. Hence, here are some tips to loose that mass of flab and go the healthy way:

1. Eat Right: Sorry, but those packaged foods, chips packets and chocolate bars go to the dustbin. Eating right does not mean only boiled food and salads. It means having a wholesome meal with a heavy protein filled breakfast, a medium lunch and light dinner. If need be, you can visit a dietician for a regularised chart.

2. Exercise Daily: Half hour to an hour full of daily physical activity is important. Be it jogging, sports or hitting the gym. What works better is being consistent with your exercises. Keep changing the type of activity you do so that it does not get boring and keep those excuses at bay and work out! There are no other alternatives to it. Make exercise a daily ritual, just like brushing your teeth or sleeping. Something, you cannot do without.

3. Regular Check-up: Medical check – ups are a must. Visit the Doctor for a monthly examination to keep all the diseases under observation.This will help you know what you are doing right and what needs to be worked on.

4. A Good night’s Sleep: A good 7-8 hrs sleep is a must. Many people sleep light from the stress of everyday lives. Beat the stress levels by listening to calm music or meditating or whatever helps and get some sound sleep.


These are 4 major mantras to becoming happy, healthy and staying fit. The key is to be persistent towards your goal. Stay motivated and see your lifestyle change right in front of your eyes.


Danvanthiri joins hands to promote a Healthy Heart

Physical Fitness is an important factor to keep your heart healthy and functioning smoothly. Knowing the value of it, Danvanthiri celebrated the “Healthy Heart” campaign in the noblest fashion. Danvanthiri participated and sponsored the HEARTWALK and RUN organized by Oracle India. The funds collected through this event went to the Needy Heart Foundation, an NGO that funds surgeries for the poor.

The event was organized on the 27th November 2016, at Prestige Tech Park II, Marathahalli, Bangalore. The event that kick started as early as 6 am saw an astounding number of participants for the 5K walk/5K Run/10K Run. The program started with Zumba dance to warm up the audience. Seeing the energy of the participants tapping their feet to some peppy songs, prepping up for the walk, supporting such a wonderful cause and the thrill to stay healthy and active was mind-blowing. The whole of the team participated in the marathon, which turned out to be a superb team-building activity.

Being a life-saving app, and having an important feature of – Organ Donation in it, we aided the cause by promoting our motto “Have a heart, become a Donor” carved on bright red balloons. The balloons were a big hit among children, who loved playing with them and elders sensing the importance of the cause. Our customized booklets with a message “Sometimes an apple a day is not enough to keep the doctor away” were distributed to every participant.

The ceremony ended with handing over goodies and special gifts to winners. Danvanthiri got an opportunity to spread awareness on the healthy heart campaign and how the app helps in dealing with any heart attack or emergency situations by just the click of a button.

A healthy lifestyle, eating right, being physically fit makes the heart healthier and through this event the awareness was raised that “Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to a healthy heart.”

Danvanthiri makes a mark at Smart Tech Healthcare Summit 2016

jwm collage - blog.jpg

Danvanthiri, a start-up initiative of Maleshaa Inc., participated in a conference cum exhibition, the Smart Tech Healthcare 2016, on November 24-25 held at J. W. Marriott, in Bangalore. The event which had influential delegation of IT decision makers from across India was organised by Explore Exhibitions and Conference.
More than 280 senior healthcare professionals got together to learn about cutting-edge innovations in this field to foster dynamic conversations addressing how healthcare is being redefined through technology.
Medical Directors, CIOs, COOs, CEOs, M.Ds and HIT experts from significant organizations associated with the medical sector under one roof, attended the event.

The two-day conference was addressed by Mr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta- Advisor to the Union Health Minister and a special note from the Director General (ERNET- MeitY) Dr. Neena Pahuja followed by 4 panel discussions  of 21 speakers on Futuristic Technology Transforming Healthcare by 2030. This was followed by Smart Analytical & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Decisions and Healthcare IOT.

Danvanthiri set up a booth at the exhibition stalls where the team presented to attendees about the must-have healthcare app. While the team was engrossed in presenting about the company, the app launch video and promotional campaign videos were playing in the backdrop. Many doctors and specialists in the field were happy to hear about the various features of the app and showed keen interest in the upcoming app launch in Bangalore.

The forum of experts networked and shared their case studies and presentations, illustrated their challenges, successes and various factors in the outcomes of numerous types of health IT implementation innovations that are driving the Healthcare business today. The Smart Tech Health Care Summit triggered the main aspects related to the particular sector and ushered the best practices and its implications that drives innovation and growth in the industry.

The event brought a huge visibility to Danvanthiri where we were able to benefit from meeting the top experts from the healthcare industry and provide them with an insight of the app and what it is designed to do.