Weighty Matters

Hey you! Yeah you. Stop hogging on those packaged foods, being all depressed because the whole world stares you left, right and centre. Well it does nothing but make you put on more weight, become lazy, unhealthy and disease prone.


Obesity is not about body shaming, it is so much more than that. Obesity slows down a body’s physical and mental capabilities. It is like this grave virus that if attacked once, is hard to get rid of, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Excessive intake of food, lack of physical activity and sometimes involvement of genetics and medical reasons leads to obesity. Hogging on those calories will do more harm than good. Hence, here are some tips to loose that mass of flab and go the healthy way:

1. Eat Right: Sorry, but those packaged foods, chips packets and chocolate bars go to the dustbin. Eating right does not mean only boiled food and salads. It means having a wholesome meal with a heavy protein filled breakfast, a medium lunch and light dinner. If need be, you can visit a dietician for a regularised chart.

2. Exercise Daily: Half hour to an hour full of daily physical activity is important. Be it jogging, sports or hitting the gym. What works better is being consistent with your exercises. Keep changing the type of activity you do so that it does not get boring and keep those excuses at bay and work out! There are no other alternatives to it. Make exercise a daily ritual, just like brushing your teeth or sleeping. Something, you cannot do without.

3. Regular Check-up: Medical check – ups are a must. Visit the Doctor for a monthly examination to keep all the diseases under observation.This will help you know what you are doing right and what needs to be worked on.

4. A Good night’s Sleep: A good 7-8 hrs sleep is a must. Many people sleep light from the stress of everyday lives. Beat the stress levels by listening to calm music or meditating or whatever helps and get some sound sleep.


These are 4 major mantras to becoming happy, healthy and staying fit. The key is to be persistent towards your goal. Stay motivated and see your lifestyle change right in front of your eyes.


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