Our Star Performers of 2016

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There’s no better way to start the New Year than by saying good words and bringing happiness to people’s lives. It gets even better when employers appreciate their employees for the hard work put in and reward their efforts. Maleshaa Inc. and its start-up initiative Danvanthiri, together had rolled out the awards across both organisations, ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘Team of the Month’ awards. This is done to recognize employees who have gone beyond the call of duty and have come out with flying colours with the results achieved both individually and as a team.

The rewards and recognitions do not stop at just this. There are more awards namely the Star Performer of the Year 2016 and the Star Employee of the Year 2016, the highest level of awards at the companies.

The winners are chosen based on their overall performance throughout the year. A special jury reviews the nominations and declares the winner. The winner is eligible for a promotion and a salary appraisal too. If an employee wins any of these awards annual awards for 3 consecutive years he/she becomes a CXO.

Star Employee of the Year – 2016
Om Prasanna Kumar
Prasanna joined Maleshaa Inc. in 2013. He has been a self-driven individual whose commitment towards work has been extraordinary. He has been a role model to many with his strong leadership skills.

Star Performer of the Year – 2016
Vigneshwaran joined Maleshaa Inc. as an intern in 2013. It was his sheer dedication and hard work that paved way for his growth up the career ladder. He has excelled in all the job responsibilities he has taken up till date and has outshone his peers.

Employee of the Month
Each month nominations are sent from the employees on who they believe has outshone themselves and created a success story for themselves and for the company. Employees can nominate their peers and sub-ordinates. The criteria that are considered are:

  • Loyalty to the company
  • Work Performance
  • Commitment to work
  • Leadership qualities
  • Quick learning traits
  • Relationships with peers and superiors
  • Reviews received from colleagues and  department heads
  • Innovator
  • Promotes a pleasant work environment

Team of the Month
The criteria for the best team that works together towards the common goal is rewarded based on their combined performance over each month.
Here are some winners who told us what gave them the adrenaline gush!

Aishwarya: Getting the employee of the month was like having a Gatorade to boost the efforts and soar high!

Sunu: It’s truly a motivational award for me that set a benchmark for my work. It motivated me to work even harder!

Vignesh: I won the month’s performance in August and was excited about it, but the performer of the year was an icing on the cake! I thank my mentor and well-wishers for this. I am even more eager to perform even better!


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