Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods You Must Avoid

The food items we consume are processed and prepared by using various methods. Some foods that we eat increase the risk of many diseases, cancer being one among them. Our overall health depends on healthy food we consume. A healthy diet can actually help maintain a healthy living and reduce the risk of cancer. A healthy diet that you follow can actually make a huge difference in fighting against cancer. Most of the foods that are available in market are prone to carcinogenic and we must ensure to make a careful selection of foods to prevent ourselves from the risk of getting cancer.
Below discussed are some of the foods that cause the risk of developing cancer:

1) Processed Meat

Normally there are different methods involved in preserving and processing meat. Most processed meat products include chemical preservatives especially sodium nitrate used as a preservative which is much carcinogenic and increases the risk of colon and pancreatic cancer.
Common methods to preserve meat: Salting, pickling, curing and adding chemical preservatives
Some of processed meat items:
• Hot dogs
• Bacon
• Packaged meat
• Kebab, chicken nuggets
• Fried Sausage
• Hamburgers etc.,

2) GMO foods

The rapid growth of biotechnology has paved way to increased production of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods. These include genetically modified vegetables, fruits, fish etc., which are prone to cause the growth of tumors in humans.
Some of GMO foods
• Corn
• Potatoes
• Tomatoes
• Soybeans
• Sugar
• Salmons etc.,

3) Fried Food Items

Fried food items also fall under the category of unhealthy foods which are likely to be avoided to lead a cancer-free life
• Acrylamide is supposed to be the chemical found in fried food items and that could lead to increase the risk of cancer in humans
• Try to avoid food items that are cooked using re-heated oil as re-heated oil releases aldehyde which is very toxic and causes cancer and other diseases related to nerve cells

4) Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is one among those foods to be avoided to prevent from being affected by cancer. The bags of microwave popcorn are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid which causes pancreatic cancer.

5) Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are the oils which are commonly used to preserve foods which need a longer shelf life. These oils alter the structure of cell membranes in humans. These oils are used by commercial food manufacturing companies in order to give a long life to the products. You must make sure to check the label if they are free from hydrogenated oils.
If you like to enjoy a cancer risk-free life then try to avoid the above mentioned foods. Make smart food choices and boost your ability to battle against cancer and other diseases. Eat healthy foods and lead a long and relaxed life with your family members.


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