All About Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is an ancient natural remedy used in Ayurveda, a curative method to maintain good oral and overall health. This methodology was dated back to 4th century BC, first mentioned in Charaka Samhita as Kavala Graha or Kavala Gandoosha.

Oil pulling can be done by anybody including children above five years of age, woman can also do this therapy during pregnancy and menstrual cycle.


Best time to do oil pulling is in the morning on an empty stomach. You can use either sesame oil or coconut oil. You achieve best results with cold-pressed sesame oil. Take a teaspoon of oil and swish it slowly for about 20 minutes. The oil will completely mix with the saliva and loses its density, becoming thin and white. Try not to swallow the oil as it becomes completely toxic. Spit the oil after twenty minutes and cleanse your mouth with normal tap water followed by brushing.

This process activates the enzymes which completely draw the toxins in the blood. It also helps in increasing your overall metabolism and leads to overall improved health.

It is important to clean the sink properly after oil pulling as it can contain harmful bacteria and toxic waste.

Health benefits of oil pulling

This procedure is a general detoxifier. When you start oil pulling you tend to feel your teeth and gums becoming stronger thus avoiding gum bleeding. The teeth are unaffected with cavities aiding elimination of sensitivity. When practiced continuously it reduces migraine headaches too. This also helps in reducing inflammation and improves skin related problems like acne.

Precautions to be undertaken

Sometimes during oil pulling, there are chances of nose block due to accumulation of mucus. It is therefore important to completely blow and clean your nose before you start the process. If the same occurs in the middle of the process, spit the oil, clean your nostrils and start afresh.

It is important to do oil pulling in a relaxed state, if not it might cause irritation or bring about a sense of sneezing. In such a situation hold the oil pulling, relax for some time and resume the procedure.

Always have a tissue paper with you when you do oil pulling. There may be dripping of the oil, as the oil turns toxic make sure you do not spit anywhere except the sink where it can be completely cleaned.

If you did not answer your nature calls before oil pulling, there may chances of feeling to urinate or pass stools. Do not panic, you can continue the swishing once you answer your nature calls.


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