Overcome your stress and anxiety with Yogas, Pranayamas and Mudras

Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress! Stresssss!! Stressed to talk, eat, cook, work etc. Life is so mechanical that stress has become a way of life. Our body, mind and soul is a unique combination of nature which is being exploited in this modern era. Most of the diseases be it even chronic, can be cured by balancing the three. All we need is spend quality time for ourselves, or spend time with our body which does all the work along with us. It needs to be relaxed right!?

Stress is simply put as demand or threat faced by us. Every action has an equal or an opposite reaction. Reacting to any action results in release of hormones which is imbalanced by our body, thus resulting in blood pressure, obesity and what not, heart attack in younger ages and finally death. Death is a natural process, so do we need to define it ourselves?

Let’s see how to relax and treat our body in the simplest ways. Yogasanas, pranayamas and mudras are simple ways to get relaxed and stay refreshed.

 Yoga for relaxation

1) Balasana (Child pose)


This is the most effective yoga to reduce stress resulting in emotional relief. It also provides relief from lower back and neck pain.

Procedure: Sit in vajrasana, inhale slowly and bend your body forward and touch the forehead on the floor, exhale completely. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds and bring back your body to normal position and repeat it twice.

2)Uttanasana (Standing forward bend pose)


This helps in increased blood flow to the head, resulting in activating the brain cells. It helps in complete rejuvenation of the central nervous system and also helps in toning abdominal cells and aids in weight loss.

Procedure: Stand straight, inhale deeply and bend your body forward, touch the floor and exhale completely.

3)Savasana (Corpse pose)


This is the most relaxing pose in yogasana. All yoga sessions should be completed with Savasana. It is a complete state of relaxation. This yoga helps in relaxing the nervous system, maintaining blood pressure and inducing sound sleep.

Pranayama to reduce stress:

It is important to focus on the vibrations when you do pranayama.

1)Brahmiri (Humming breath)


This has immediate calming effects to the senses and best done before you to go bed.

Procedure:  Sit in a comfortable position with back straight, use your index fingers to close your ears blocking all other sounds. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly with a loud humming sound. Repeat it thrice.

2)Nadi suddhi (Alternate Nostril breathing)


This is the most highly recommended pranayama which helps to calm the mind.

Procedure:  Sit in a comfortable position with back straight, now press your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale deeply through the left nostril. When you complete the inhalation, close the left nostril with left ring finger and exhale slowly through the right nostril and follow this vice versa. Repeat it for 10 times every day.


1)Chin or Gyan mudra


This mudra helps to stimulate mind controlling anger, anxiety and stress. It is mostly used during meditation.

Procedure: Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, connect your thumb and forefinger and other fingers stretched out.

2)Vayu mudra:


This mudra balances the air present in the body. It reduces stress and removes excess air in stomach and chest.

Procedure: Sit in a comfortable position with back straight, fold and press your thumb and index fingers with others stretched out.


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