Don’t Skip that Breakfast!

Skipping breakfast is not at all a healthy habit; most of them do it in our daily routines. We all know that breakfast is the important meal of the day but we all skip it due to various reasons including blaming our busy schedules.

A recent study states that 13 % of Women and 18% of Men skip their breakfast. Making this a habit will cause health troubles rather than benefits.

Below are 5 effects that skipping breakfast has on you:

Affects your Heart.jpg

According to a study, nearly 27% of them suffer a heart attack when they skip breakfast. This leads to increased hypertension in turn leading to clogging of arteries and an increased risk leading to a Stroke.

increase type 2 Diabetes.jpgThis mainly is applicable to women; they are the ones who skip breakfast due to their busy schedule. Sometimes men get too lazy to eat breakfast too!

Causes Weight Gain.jpgPractically nowadays everybody wants to shed that flab and become slim and that too in a shorter interval of time. They feel that skipping breakfast helps reduce weight. But the truth is that people skipping breakfast have a higher chance of gaining weight rather than losing. Study says that messing around with your system drastically can bring your metabolism to a screeching halt and sometimes result in an imbalance. When you are trying to cut on fat too low it can lead to a surplus of carbs your body can’t burn.

risk of cancer.jpgObesity or increased weight (over weight) leads to increased risk of cancer. The extra fat in the body has harmful health hazards including production of hormones that affect the way your cells work. Several studies have linked being overweight could increase the risk of cancer and its growth.

Triggers Hair Loss.jpgBreakfast plays a major role in promoting the growth of hair follicles too. A rich protein diet keeps your hair voluminous, so don’t skip that breakfast!

Apart from these 5 side effects, you could also experience weakness, dizziness, tingling and a heart attack. We hope that you and your family have a good breakfast every morning and keep your mind and body strong and healthy.


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