Nutritious Guava and its Benefits

Guava is one magical fruit that has various health benefits and helps treat constipation, enhances skin care, helps diabetics, helps control blood pressure and also aids weight loss. It is believed that eating guava also helps prevent cancer. Guava is rich in Vitamins A, B and C. Eating this fruit improves your immune system along with giving you strong teeth and gums. The juice made from Guava leaves is consumed to get relief from tooth ache, gum pain, swollen gum and mouth ulcers.

IMPROVES EYE SIGHT: Eating guava helps improve your eyesight. It contains vitamin A that helps in reducing the cataracts and other eye problems.

MAINTAINS THYROID: Guava helps in regulating the thyroid metabolism by helping control the hormone production and absorption.

IMPROVES DIGESTION: Being one of the richest dietary fibre fruits it supports the body in retaining water and thoroughly cleaning your intestines and excretory system. It helps in controlling diarrhoea and promotes a healthy bowel movement.

FOR DIABETICS: A half ripened guava is perfect for diabetics. Remove the skin and munch on the insides. This helps reduce the sugar absorption in the blood.

IMPROVES SKIN: Eating a guava everyday can improve the texture of your skin and help avoid skin problems. The fruit controls premature ageing and wrinkle formation. It tones up and tightens the loose skin.

RELIEVES COUGH & COLD: Avoid eating a ripe guava if are suffering from cough and cold. You can instead drink the juice of a raw guava. Do not drink water immediately after consuming the guava juice.

HELPS WEIGHT LOSS: Guava is rich in proteins and helps in losing weight. It has no cholesterol and has low number of edible carbohydrates. It satisfies the appetite easily. Have a medium sized guava as an evening snack so you are not famished before dinner!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and munch on that versatile guava and let it take care of your health!


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