Foods That Help Boost your Body Metabolism

The overall health of your body is determined by the metabolic rate of your body. There is a famous saying that your metabolism is the power house of the body which provides energy that keeps you going. One of the main jobs of metabolism is breaking down the food and converting it into energy. If you have proper metabolism, it will help you to stay in better health condition and reduce your weight.

Below are some of the foods to Increase your Metabolism Rate:


Almonds consist of essential fatty acids that help to boost your metabolism rate. You can take almonds as a snack during your tea time or lunch.


Lemon helps improve the digestive mechanism of your body by cleaning up your digestive system and thus increasing the metabolism rate of your body.


The Vitamins and minerals present in the fruit are much vital for the overall health of the body. Some of the best metabolism boosters are oranges, watermelons, guava, etc.


Cucumber contains loads of vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Cucumbers are low in calories and it is a great metabolism booster. You can use cucumber in your sandwiches and snacks.


Beans are rich in proteins and fibre and when consumed they help to burn fat faster. You can include beans in your daily diet to increase your metabolism rate.

22-7-17 Metabolism - info.jpg


Coffee, especially black coffee is the ideal metabolism booster. Caffeine which is present in coffee helps increase blood circulation.

Coffee should be limited to only 2 to 3 cups per day without sugar and cream/milk.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil also helps burn fat faster. It is more effective when it is added to other metabolism increasing foods. It can be used for daily cooking and for other seasoning purposes.


The thermogenic property present in cinnamon helps burn more calories through the day. About ¼ cup of cinnamon is recommended per day.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a proven metabolism enhancer. About 3 to 5 cups a day can help burn 70 calories a day. EGCG is the compound present in green tea that helps increase your metabolism rate.


Water is one of the most important foods that help in the overall functioning of the body. It is necessary that you should at least drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated because when there is not enough water in your body the metabolism rate slows down.

You can include some of the foods mentioned above and keep your body functioning well and good by helping increase its metabolism rate. And mind you, metabolism cannot be revived overnight. Your body will need some time to get adjusted to the new foods and show positive results. So, include these foods and be patient to get the desired results.


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