Calcium Rich Foods to Include in Your Daily Diet

One of the essential minerals in human body for maintaining healthy bones and joints is calcium. Calcium helps prevent diabetes and regulates blood pressure. The amount of calcium requirement differs from person to person and also from country to country.

Calcium requirement can be fulfilled out of two main sources which are food and bones. When the food you intake does not have enough calcium then that is compensated by the calcium from the bones. So you must make sure that you take large intake of calcium to prevent bone loss. Some of the below mentioned foods are rich in calcium:

We all know that oranges are a rich source of vitamin C, but apart from providing vitamin C they are also rich in calcium. One medium size orange contains 60 mg of calcium.

Soya is one of the rich sources of calcium. Though it does not contain as much calcium as normal milk, it still contains 300 mg of calcium per ounce.

Almonds are not only known for their high amount of Vitamin E, they are also rich in calcium. A single almond nut gives you around 70 mg of calcium.

Broccoli is the best green vegetable having highest calcium content. 100 grams of its florets gives you around 47 mg of calcium.

Figs are also rich in calcium. Figs also contain iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Just two medium sized figs contain about 55 mg of calcium.

Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are not much known for calcium content. A single spoon of sesame seeds contain calcium which is equal to a cup of milk.

Milk is the most commonly known food for its calcium content. It is essential for the women to take at least one glass of milk a day to support calcium requirement of the body.


Are Morning Workouts tiring? Try this

Getting up before sunrise itself is like stepping into a lion’s lair for some and breaking some sweat can be badly disheartening. Find out trouble-free yet practical ways to keep yourself healthy.

Prep Your Bag
Excavating through your dresses early in the morning is absolutely not enjoyable. Pack your bag with fresh and crisp gym clothes every night. Keep aside the old/used ones every evening or before you got to bed.

Get Yourself Out Of Bed
Keep your alarm farther from reach. Make sure you have to stumble from your bed to turn it off so that you don’t snooze your morning sweat session. This way you are forcibly waken and might as well work out, right?

 Have A Light Snack
Never have a stomach filling meal before your workout as it can make you sick and sometimes throw up during your routine. At the same time don’t starve, instead have a light snack before and after your work out session.

Drop The Booze
The smallest intake of alcohol can leave you sluggish in the morning. In case you had to with friends or family or an occasional party, remember to drink more water to keep you hydrated during the routine.

 Early To Bed
Make it a habit to go to bed earlier so that you wake up early. Try having tea that contains valerian, which is used for insomnia (inability to sleep). Also, avoid caffeine and spending time with electronics to get better sleep.

Make Friends
Keep yourself motivated because after a couple of days many tend to lose interest. Once you slip and by the time you regain consciousness about your body, you might have missed on a week’s workout. Befriend people at the gym, set regular gym dates with a friend or get to know another gym-goer who you know will be looking for you in the mornings—works like a charm!

Plan Your Routine
Break the monotony of the routine and make it interesting. Try things like signing up for a spin class, having a sketch of your entire routine; bring any of your inspiring guides for workout. They guarantee a highly intense workout—and high speed results!

Sinus infections: Don’t let it get the better of you!

Those were the days, weren’t they? And I’m sure you’ll refrain from overly castigating me for breaking out in song in praise of those times in our recent past. You know, those times when sinus was a rare thing – and not quite the commonplace and all pervasive illness it is these days. Like me, I’m sure you know all too many people who are affected by the disease.

Now, if you didn’t quite grasp the true extent and impact of a sinus infection, and were too scared to ask, fear not, we’ve got your back -simply do read on.

First up, keep an eagle eye out for the following symptoms:

  • Bad breath
  • A persistent cough
  • Fever
  • A steadily worsening headache
  • Thick yellow or green mucus
  • Pressure behind the cheeks & eyes
  • Tiredness

Once these symptoms have made themselves known, it’s time to spring into action! Please be aware that untreated sinus infections could result in a fair multitude of illnesses ranging from asthma or worsening of asthma (if indeed the condition does exist), bronchitis, ear and throat infections and even chronic cough. But hang on, we’re not yet done – an untreated infection could lead to swollen nasal membranes, nasal obstruction as well as nasal congestion.

Chronic sinus on the other hand could burden you with nasal polyps, I’m sure you will roundly agree that all of us could do without that! What’s more, these polyps also obstruct and hinder the treatment of the illness.

With all that we’ve chosen to include above, I’m sure you will act on sinus infections without delay. However, if you are more thick skinned than most, please also be informed that in severe cases, the infection could get straight into your blood stream! What’s more, the infection could even flow into the brain and eyes, resulting in blindness and even life threatening situations!

Woah! That sounded rather dire, and I’m sure we’ve definitely got your attention by this point. So do treat sinus infections without delay, and don’t let it get the better of you!

Own and Defeat Acne with the Home Remedies

Despite what they might tell you, the big corporations have made little headway in their treatment of that pesky, irksome thing which we’re all too familiar with. Yep, you guessed it, it’s acne. While some of us have felt this burden more keenly than most, we’re here to help you with some home remedies to treat acne effectively. So, without a moment to lose, let’s get right to it!

Own and defeat acne with the home remedies - info page banner.jpg

Baking Soda: It’s got all the trappings of the Cinderella story! What am I on about? Well, it’s the elevation of the humble baking soda to unprecedented heights, and its ability to magically combat and defeat acne and pimples, of course! Baking soda, if you were quite unaware, acts as an exfoliant, effectively removing dead skin and unblocking them troublesome pores. For this, mix two tablespoons of baking soda, five tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and the juice of half a lime in a bowl. Apply the resulting mixture onto the troublesome area, and keep it on for five minutes before washing it all off, and you’re done!

Multani Mitti Mix: Another great remedy for those upsetting acne and pimples, multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth can bring your treatment full circle! Now listen carefully, simply mix together equal portions of multani mitti, sandalwood powder and rose water, and that’s it. Keep this mudpack on till it dries up, and repeat once a week, and effectively sound the acne death knell for all time to come!

Toothpaste: Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes this very minute, for toothpaste more than holds its own as an acne remedy! Moreover, as it’s something you always have lying about the house, it can easily be deployed to dry up the affected area, and even reduce that, oh so painful, swelling. Hey, we wouldn’t lie to you!

Tomatoes: Packed with antioxidants, and overflowing with vitamins A & C, this everyday vegetable is a potent pimple and acne defeater! Here’s how you can employ it- slice a tomato, and rub the slice all over the pimple dominated area, spend some time massaging the juice into your skin and wash away with some warm water. You could even do this twice a day, and deliver acne that killer blow!

Max Out Your Magnesium Levels With These Foods

Magnesium? Well, well, well, the mere mention of the ‘thing’ must cast your mind back several years to the chemistry lab of yore. As such, it’s not something that enters your consciousness on an everyday level. But lest we cast it aside quite unscrupulously, let’s be quick to inform you that magnesium is an essential substance (in prescribed quantities of course) for our well-being. For one, magnesium helps maintain muscle and nerve function, besides also helping boost immunity levels, regulate blood sugar levels, and even playing a key role in helping you maintain a steady heartbeat! Wow, who would’ve thought it?

Before you reach out for some magnesium supplements, why not take it in its natural form instead? And to do the very thing, we’ve handily put together a list of magnesium rich foods to set you well on your way.

Please keep in mind that you need somewhere in the region of 300 mg of magnesium a day. Do consult your doctor to find out how much you need.

First up, leafy green veggies such as spinach are packed to the gills with magnesium! Raw spinach contains 24 mg of magnesium for every 30 gm consumed; now when you take it in cooked form, that figure goes up to 157mg for every 180 gm of spinach!

Mackerel’s another stupendous source of magnesium and adds about 97 mg of magnesium for every 100 gm consumed. Other fish to consider include Tuna and Pollock.

Now, it may delight you to discover that dark chocolate is another superb source of magnesium! About 100 gm of this treat can add as much as 327 mg of magnesium to your diet, accounting for about a whole day’s worth.

Squash and Pumpkin seeds round off this list and can provide you with a truly amazing 534 mg of magnesium for every 100 gm you take. Other seeds to consider in this regard include sesame seeds, cashews and almonds.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss

The brightest part of mornings is that they’re so full of energy! No matter whether you laced up your sneaks yesterday or overindulged a bit on a co-worker’s birthday cake, there’s always a fresh chance to get closer to your health goals. To maintain that ‘get-fit’ drive going on all-day long, start your day off right with these morning habits that will motivate you even more.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Some Sunshine - sub 1.jpgSome Sunshine

Basking in the sun’s rays can not only give you the essential Vitamin D for your skin but also helps you drop those pounds! Research has proven that people, irrespective of their age, the activity they do, their eating habits, etc., had lower BMIs than those who were in the “dark”. Just 20-30 minutes of sunshine between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. helps regulate your internal bio clock. This is vital for weight loss, as it aids your sleep schedule.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - A Little More Shut Eye - sub 2.jpgA Little More Shut Eye

This one goes on like hand in glove with the previous tip. Spending more time on those dearest Zzzs can help you eat less and have fewer cravings than people who skimp on sleep. On an average people who have had an additional 1.6 hours of shut-eye experienced a considerable drop in appetite and cravings for junk! Try to organize your schedule so you can get a little more a.m. time in bed instead of whimpering every time the alarm goes off.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - mindful mood - sub 3.jpgMindful Mood

Mindfulness is a key approach for weight loss. It’s all about taking an attentive and intentional approach to your life by really tuning into your body and mind. Even better, it can stabilize your emotions and make you less prone to give into stress eating. Begin your morning with mindfulness, sit in silence and focus on the tempo of your breath.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss -Changing Your Commute - sub 4.jpgChanging Your Commute

Driving to work is easy, but it may take a toll on your waistline. People who walk, bike, and take public transportation have lower BMIs and body-fat percentages than those who depended on their cars to get to work. This doesn’t mean you have to strain. Even walking to the closest bus stop or train station can be advantageous.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Go High-Protein - sub 5.jpgGo High-Protein

Despite the fact that the jury is still out there on whether breakfast is important for weight loss, protein intake in the morning can help you shed weight. Protein takes a long time to digest which helps increase feelings of fullness.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Let the Sweat beads roll - sub 6.jpgLet the Sweat Beads Roll

Working out at any point is a good thing! But besides giving your metabolism a boost that lasts well into the day, study also states that it reduces the temptation to hog on spotting pictures of unhealthy food. It keeps you more active throughout the day, no matter your weight.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Pack your Snack - sub 7.jpgPack Your Snack

Avoid the afternoon race to the vending machine. Take just a few minutes every morning to make sure you’ve got enough snacks for the day. It’s easy to underestimate how much fuel you’ll need throughout the day when you’ve just stepped down from bed. So instead of throwing an apple in your bag, plan some extra time to prep some quick and healthy snacks that will keep you on the path to weight-loss success.

Benefits of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Folic acid also called folate is Vitamin B. Folate plays an important role in increasing red blood cells and helps baby’s neural tube to develop into the brain and spinal cord.

The rich sources of folic acid are asparagus, baker’s yeast, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolk, jacket potato (large), lentils, lettuce, papaya, kiwi, milk, oranges, parsnips, peas, spinach, sunflower seeds etc.

On a daily basis recommended eating levels of folic acid are as follows: Men 13 years and above – 400 micrograms; women above 13 years – 400-600 micrograms; pregnancy – all ages – 400-600 micrograms; breastfeeding women of all ages – 500 micrograms. The highest daily intake level of folic acid for an individual 19 years and older, (including pregnant or breastfeeding women), is 1,000 micrograms.

There are many benefits of folic acid. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Folic acid is given to women who are planning to conceive and also during pregnancy. It is widely used to prevent any birth defects, improve the foetus development and also increase the chances of conceiving.
  • Folic acid is also useful to cure depression and improve the mood parameter. An adequate folate level is necessary for proper brain functioning. So it also improves memory.
  • Folic acid plays an important role in hair growth. It renews the cells that aid growth of hair.
  • Regular consumption of foods rich in folic acid gives a glow to the skin. It also helps decrease the signs of skin ageing.
  • Folic acid can decrease the fat content in the blood. It may also help in handling obesity and diabetes.
  • It also increases male fertility by improving sperm count.
  • It helps fight gum infection.
  • Consumption of folic acid rich foods help increase RBC in anaemic patients.
  • It is also helps reduce blood clotting; blood clots lead to cardiovascular infection. Therefore, it helps decrease the probability of heart attacks.

Dress up Your Tresses With Some DIY Hair Masks

For a generation that seemingly eats only so that they can post about it on social media, appearances and how you appear are everything. Given all this, it only makes sense that you are always well-groomed and look your very best on every occasion.

To this end, we’ll start you off with some truly magical DIY hair masks that will ensure that your halo and indeed your crown is perfectly complemented by lustrous, healthy and glowing locks that are sure to turn heads. So, like any half decent gymnast would, let’s jump right to it!

  1. With the pollution at such startlingly high levels, it’s bound to leave your hair in a ‘not so nice’ state. Fret no more however, for our Coconut Hair Restorer-er Mask is right at hand! All you need for this is to mix one tablespoon each of coconut oil and honey in a bowl, and heat it up till the ensuing mixture melts. Now, simply apply from root to tip, cover with a shower cap for about 20 mins and rinse it off. Now, wasn’t that simple enough?
  2. For that extra lustre and gloss, we can’t go very far before recommending the Glowrious Hair Mask! For this, mash up an avocado until smooth, mix in 3 tablespoons of olive oil and half a cup of coconut milk, and heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds. With that done with, apply on your hair and keep on for half an hour before you rinse it off.
  3. Now, you can fight back the frizz with our Frizz Frightener 2000 Mask! It’s so easy – mix half a cup each of yoghurt and honey with one tablespoon of almond oil and apply onto your truant hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off with some shampoo to reveal a more obedient and healthy head of hair.
  4. The Brown Sugar Mask is so good it should be made illegal! Why? Well, simply because it helps get rid of dead cells in a jiffy unlike anything else, leaving your scalp free of any unsightly and itchy flakes. Now, for the mask itself – mix two tablespoons of brown sugar and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl, apply this mix from root to tip, let sit under a shower cap for 20 minutes and simply rinse off.

Palm Jaggery and its Incredible Health Benefits

An extract which is derived from palm tree is the palm jaggery. It is an abundant source of minerals. It has 60 times more minerals than white sugar. The preparation of palm jaggery is natural and is devoid of any harsh chemicals making sure that the mineral content is retained. As it does not contain any harsh chemicals it is extremely beneficial to the health.

Energy Booster
Palm Jaggery is rich in carbohydrates. It can be digested sooner than the white sugar. If you consume it regularly it makes you feel fresh and active for hours.

Digestive Agent
The jaggery helps to activate the digestive enzymes and cleanse the intestinal tracts. Hence is considered as an active digestive agent.

Relieves Constipation
It is good to have some jaggery after meals as it stimulates the digestive enzymes and helps in easy digestion. It helps in regulating bowel movement and in flushing out unwanted wastes down the intestines.

When haemoglobin production slows down in your body it leads to fatigue, weakness and disrupted metabolism and such a condition is called Anaemia. Palm jaggery helps in the production of haemoglobin because of its high iron content. So make sure you bite on that piece of jaggery every day.

Jaggery helps boost the immune system as it is loaded with antioxidants and is also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and Iron. Increase your body resistance by consuming palm jaggery daily.

Over To You
Now that you know that palm jaggery has so many health benefits why not switch to it? Experience a health makeover by including this healthy sweetener in your diet!

Easy Hair Hacks to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem that many face these days. It can be embarrassing sometimes and difficult to treat it too. There are many causes for dandruff – poor hair brushing and shampooing habits, dry skin, stress and improper diet that make your scalp more prone to dandruff. Here are some home hacks that will help reduce dandruff

  • Coconut oil nourishes your hair, while lemon juice helps to treat dandruff without using harmful chemicals.
  • Neem leaves and olive oil combination helps reduce dandruff. Crush the neem leaves and mix it in the oil. Apply it on your scalp generously. Wash after an hour’s time.
  • Baking soda also helps reduce dandruff. Damp your hair and run a teaspoon of soda through your hair. Wash after leaving it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Apple-cider-vinegar is one of the best home remedies for dandruff. Mix the solution in water and apply it on wet hair. Spread it all over your scalp and leave for 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly.
  • Multani mitti helps reinstate your hair health. This simple remedy gives soft, silky and dandruff-free hair. Make a thick paste using multani mitti, water and lemon juice. Apply it on your hair and keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash thoroughly.
  • Aspirin is one of the best home remedies to control dandruff. Crush the tablet and add the powder in a bowl. Add shampoo to this and mix it and apply on your hair. Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then wash hair with lukewarm water.
  • Listerine mouthwash, also works wonders on your hair. Mix a teaspoon of it with 10 teaspoons of water and apply it on your hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  • Curd is the tried and trusted mixture for dandruff. Apply on your hair and leave for an hour and then wash.