Team Outing Boosts Productivity, Improves Morale

Man is a known sociable animal. Be it the bond you share with your family or your friends who you meet during different walks of your journey, you are born to be around people. And when this rule of being sociable applies to almost all, the same is true when it comes to work.

We spend most of our day with colleagues at work than at home and it becomes all the more necessary that we focus on building a comfortable atmosphere for our employees.

Many companies over the years have realized that the company’s success solely depends on the employee happiness quotient and their work quality. Hence were born ideas like, outdoor induction programmes, team outings, year-end parties, team luncheons, team dinners, cocktail nights and more at regular outing - info.jpgIce-breakers

When new employees are hired in an organization, there is not enough time for them to know each other during work hours. Expecting them to work as a team becomes impossible as they cannot relate to being a part of the team. Hence the off-beat way of knowing thy “neighbour” helps the team to work better after an ice-breaker session. Some organisations even hire professional event management companies to organize team bonding events for such occasions.

Team Luncheons

Quite often, employees are caught in the rigmarole of meeting deadlines, SLAs, TATs or trying to sustain good quality work. Team luncheons to help sit in the company of teammates and discuss the kind of food they love or about their favourite football or cricket player, help them de-stress and boost their energy to work harder. These luncheons can be organized on a quarterly basis.

Dinner & Cocktail Parties

If you are a party person, the best way to re-energize is to let your hair down and get on the dance floor after a few cocktails. This helps get over all your inhibitions and see the happier, funnier and energized side of your peer and help bond with like-minded people. You could go sober and still have fun too!

Adventure Trips

For nature lovers, adventure trips and treks are helpful in letting employees enjoy the serenity and give them peace of mind. This helps them come back relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to take on more challenges at work.

Family Outings

Some companies even go out of their way and budget to make the employees feel special and invaluable, by organizing events that involve their families too. This helps the families of the employees appreciate the organization and boosts the employee morale.

In-house Fun Events

For those who want to consistently boost team morale, have smaller fun activities organized regularly to energize the employees on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. It could be conducting short fun games in the isle or cutting birthday cakes to celebrate members’ birthdays.

Once you’ve put in the effort to consider the need to have these events and more, it will not take too long for you to notice the positive impact on the work floor. There will be more communication, a boost in employee morale and everyone will be working as part of a team to achieve the bigger goal that the company is set out to achieve. This boosts productivity, helping you to become less stressed. It will also help make your company a fun yet productive place to work in.


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