Zero Calorie Foods: They do exist!

You know how it is, you go about your day without a care in the world, and then someone crosses your path (not unlike the fabled black cat) and utters those three words, yes you guessed it– “Zero Calorie Foods!” Now, all that’s left of you is an unsightly crumpled heap!

A while ago, even alluding to such a thing as ‘zero calorie foods’ would signal that you should be hurried off to the nuthouse on a one-way ticket. Not anymore however, for further research has revealed that those mythical zero calorie foods do exist. What’s more, it’s the philosopher’s stone for those of us looking to lose or control their weight. But what indeed are those zero calorie foods? Well, let’s list ‘em out for ya!

A quick aside before we journey on: These ‘zero calorie foods’ aren’t exactly zero calorie foods. They are simply termed that way because they contain a miniscule amount of calories (less than 50) per 100 gm serving, which is great!

zero cal foods - info page.jpg

Celery: Topping the class in this category, celery contains just a shocking 16 calories in a 100 gm serving! Woah! That should be enough to send you rushing over to the grocery shop and stuffing your shopping bag full of this green goodness!

Cucumber: With all their tangible water content, it’s hardly surprising that cucumbers come high up on this list. Coming up at pretty much the same calorie count per 100 gm as celery, you were always justified in including cucumbers in your meals. Now, don’t ever stop!

Asparagus: Clocking in at a mere 20 calories to a 100 gm serving, asparagus more than holds its own in this category. In addition, you’ll be getting a good dose of vitamins A, C, E & K when you load up on this veggie!

Cabbage: The humble cabbage rounds up this distinguished list, coming in at just 25 cals per 100 gm. Now, feel free to dig into more salads packed full of cabbage. Besides, it will keep you fuller for longer, and that’s what we want!


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