The Magical Ash Gourd and Its Benefits

Ash gourd also popularly known as winter melon is a suitable edible item for obese and diabetic people. 100 gms of ash gourd has only 13 calories making it a favourite among those who are calorie conscious. Its prominent features are that it has a cooling effect of the body and works as a natural laxative. It is used to flush out the toxins from the body and as a herbal remedy for various problems. Its consumption increases urine output and is beneficial for reducing inflammation. Ash gourd is also rich in several vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and vitamin C. It contains a lot of moisture and some amount of fat, fibre, carbohydrates and proteins. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this vegetable.

Peptic Ulcer(Stomach Ulcer): Ash gourd is an efficient remedy for the relief of peptic ulcer. Drink its juice in the morning on an empty stomach by mixing equal portion of water. Maintain a gap of about two to three hours between this and breakfast.

Mouth Ulcer:  Gargle ash gourd juice if you are suffering from mouth ulcers. It not only reduces the pain but also protects the life of your teeth and gums.

Bleeding: Ash gourd helps stop profuse bleeding from nose and lungs. The juice can also be mixed with a teaspoon of lime juice or amla juice for relief from piles problem.

Intestinal Worms: Shell out the seeds of ash gourd and mix it with fresh coconut milk. This is beneficial in growth of tissue and also expels tape worm from the stomach.

Thyroid: Regular consumption of ash gourd juice will help in reducing symptoms related to thyroid disorders.

Cold and Cough: Consuming ash gourd juice regularly helps people suffering from Asthma. Drinking the juice regularly helps reduce common cold, cough and bronchitis.

Dandruff: Take the seeds and peel of ash gourd and boil in coconut oil. Apply it on your hair and prevent dandruff growth and dry scalp by promoting hair growth.

General Weakness: Ash gourd pulp is boiled in water and sugar syrup is added to make it an edible mixture. This sweet pulp helps in gaining weight, improves efficiency of the heart, produces heat in the body and reduces anaemia.


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