Are Morning Workouts tiring? Try this

Getting up before sunrise itself is like stepping into a lion’s lair for some and breaking some sweat can be badly disheartening. Find out trouble-free yet practical ways to keep yourself healthy.

Prep Your Bag
Excavating through your dresses early in the morning is absolutely not enjoyable. Pack your bag with fresh and crisp gym clothes every night. Keep aside the old/used ones every evening or before you got to bed.

Get Yourself Out Of Bed
Keep your alarm farther from reach. Make sure you have to stumble from your bed to turn it off so that you don’t snooze your morning sweat session. This way you are forcibly waken and might as well work out, right?

 Have A Light Snack
Never have a stomach filling meal before your workout as it can make you sick and sometimes throw up during your routine. At the same time don’t starve, instead have a light snack before and after your work out session.

Drop The Booze
The smallest intake of alcohol can leave you sluggish in the morning. In case you had to with friends or family or an occasional party, remember to drink more water to keep you hydrated during the routine.

 Early To Bed
Make it a habit to go to bed earlier so that you wake up early. Try having tea that contains valerian, which is used for insomnia (inability to sleep). Also, avoid caffeine and spending time with electronics to get better sleep.

Make Friends
Keep yourself motivated because after a couple of days many tend to lose interest. Once you slip and by the time you regain consciousness about your body, you might have missed on a week’s workout. Befriend people at the gym, set regular gym dates with a friend or get to know another gym-goer who you know will be looking for you in the mornings—works like a charm!

Plan Your Routine
Break the monotony of the routine and make it interesting. Try things like signing up for a spin class, having a sketch of your entire routine; bring any of your inspiring guides for workout. They guarantee a highly intense workout—and high speed results!


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