The Panchaboodha Treatment –A treatment Without Medicine

The Panchaboodhaa treatment can diagnose all sorts of diseases/ disorders which have affected the life force, energy, mind and body of any Human being. The Panchaboodhaa Pulse Diagnosis method can find out the acute and chronic condition of the disease and the same is cured without any medicine/Surgery.

What is the Panchaboodha treatment:
It is a newly invented, universal cosmic life force pulse diagnosis treatment method which is based on the physiology of the five elements’ ( six )energies in the human body.
This is done by sensing the five elements’ (six) pulse on the fore arm or on the wrist and diagnosing the root cause of the ailment. The patient is given a very small pressure on the relevant Panchaboodha  points based on the root cause of the disease. This Immediately relieves the Symptoms and cures the root cause in due course.

High Lights
1. Apart from the five elements the sixth element as mentioned in acupuncture is invented and the pulse along with the points of the sixth element are used in the treatment.
2. Apart from the stated six elements 4 more elements representing the internal life force of the human body and the cosmic energy in the human body.  Thus this treatment involves 10 elements’ energies. This is not organ pulse diagnosis method.

Beneficiary Curing
can diagnose the state

a) Acute
b) Chronic
c) The patients’ level of improvement immediately after treatment.
d) The rate at which the body is improving
e) What is the cause blocking the improvement
f) What is the required treatment?

All the above are diagnosed through the pulse of the patient

View in detail on the treatment

Drop a line to:
This revolutionary treatment is invented by Prof. Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu.
Dr Jothibabu
AG Cosmic Clinic, Head Office, 94/C 23,
5th Cross, Rajaram Nagar,
Near Rajaram nagar Water tank, Salem 7.


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