A Cure for Sterile Men

Sterile men can be treated effectively with homeopathic medication

In a growing and alarming trend, male problems are believed to be either solely or partly responsible in about 40% of all infertility cases. Over the past few years, there is a sharp rise in male infertility cases, which creates much stress and emotional trauma in many relationships. For a healthy and successful conception, it is important for both men and women to have optimum health.

Reproductive problems in men such as poor quality or quantity of sperm being produced, hormone disorders, obstruction, sexual dysfunction, etc can all prevent conception from taking place. The most common problems men face are low sperm count which maybe caused genetically, morphology abnormalities and the motility of the sperm.

Men with sperm defects are often treated successfully with homeopathy

Lifestyle changes, stress, obesity, pollution’s, lack of physical exercise and change in eating habits, smoking, alcohol consumption and accompanying ailments like diabetes and hypertension are found to be among the major contributory factors.

Homeopathy has a high successful rate in treating male infertility by improving sperm count, motility, quality and quantity of the semen. Homeopathy works especially well in those cases of erectile dysfunction (impotence) or ejaculation problems, where the case of sexual dysfunction is psychological such as depression, stress or anxiety of the performance. Homeopathy is ideally equipped to treat safely and gently without any side effects.

You, or someone whom you care about, may have already tried fertility treatment without success. If so consider Homeopathy and lifestyle changes and you could be very pleasantly surprised.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Anand is a reputed physician in the field of Homeopathy and has wide clinical experience in this field. He is specialized in treating various acute and chronic diseases without any side effects thus creating a ray of hope for the hopeless.
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For Further details contact
Dr. J. Anand, B.H.M.S
Dr. Anand’s Multi Specialty Homeo Clinic
Athithiya Medical Centre,
No. 310/311, !st Floor , Sathy Road, Ganapathy,
Coimbatore – 641006
Mobile : 9842299175, 9842299173
E-mail : dranand175@gmail.com


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