Keep Your Peepers Healthy

Don’t take your eyes for granted.

Eat Healthy
The food on your plate determines your eye health. Balanced food and lots of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids are most apt for good vision. Green leafy veggies, oily fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, nuts, etc are most suitable and should be added in everyday diet. Lower the chances of obesity lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes which causes blindness.

Leave Smoking
Smoking not only causes cancer and kills, but it also increases the chances of damaging your sensitive eye tissues and nerves. Seek medical attention if you’re already into it.

Practice Wearing Sunglasses
Shades have been proven to safeguard the eyes and reduce the risk of many eye damages. They prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays, UVA & UVB which increases your chances of cataracts and macular degeneration. Choose a pair of sunglasses that gives 99%-100% protection and. Polarized glasses reduce glare and wrap around glasses gives full eye coverage.

Don’t Continuously Look at the Computer Screen
Constant looking at your PC screen may cause eye staring which brings along blurriness, problems with depth perception, dryness, headaches, etc. So as to protect your eyes make you look away from your screen every now and then, focus on things near and far, try wearing computer glasses, sit comfortable, use anti-glare if required and most importantly blink more.

Regular Eye Check Up
Periodical eye test and check-up can help you a lot with your vision health. Detecting any problems at the early stage can reduce the risk of major problems. Eyes are the most valued possessions we have and it is indeed the gateway to the world. Take good care of them.


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