Keep Prehypertension in Control

Prevent Prehypertension from Progressing into High Blood Pressure.

What Is Prehypertension?
When the blood pressure is between 120/80 mm Hg and 139/89 mm Hg, it’s called prehypertension. Prehypertension is a condition in which your blood pressure is not high enough to be considered high blood pressure, or hypertension, but it is high enough to put you at increased risk of developing high blood pressure in the future.

At this stage it is important to make the lifestyle changes that will decrease your prehypertension from turning into hypertension. And that, in turn, will also decrease your chances of having blood pressure-related health problems such as:
Kidney failure
Heart disease
Heart attack

How to Deal With Prehypertension?
Keep up a Healthy Weight
Maintaining ideal weight reduces the risk of blood pressure which eventually keeps you away from tension. Make sure you fall within your Body Mass Index (BMI). A little extra pounds lost can also keep you within the safe barrier.

Exercise Regularly
Besides maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity is also essential to keep your blood pressure in check. 30 minutes spent everyday in brisk walking, running or cycling can help so much.

Eat a Balanced Diet
A balanced diet with necessary fiber, low fat, mineral and vitamin rich food can support you best at beating hypertension and keeping you happy. Consume low fat dairy and whole wheat.

Cut Down Your Sodium Intake
Limiting your sodium intake to 2,400 milligrams or less per daymay help you control your blood pressure. Avoid using table salt, reduce on junk, stay away canned foods, soups and processed foods for dinner.

Lesser Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol is a friend to hypertension and blood pressure. Making lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing hypertension and related health problems. But the changes you make should be permanent so that you can bask in good health without much worry.


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