Cystic Fibrosis – Prevention at Home

Lifestyle and home remedies
You can manage your condition and minimalize complications in quite a few ways. Always having a conversation with your doctor before taking up home remedies is essential.

Pay Heed to Nutrition and Fluid Intake
Cystic fibrosis can cause malnourishment because the enzymes needed for digestion can’t reach your small intestine and thus preventing food from being absorbed. People with cystic fibrosis may need a significantly higher number of calories daily than do people without the condition. Maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water. In addition to this make sure you take your prescribed supplements if any. Consultation with a nutritionist is the best option.

Regular Exercise
Daily exercise can help in strengthening your heart as well as loosening mucus in your airways. Participation in sports can help increase confidence levels and self-esteem. Anything that gets you moving like walking or biking can help.

Give up Smoke
Never be a victim of passive smoking. It is very harmful for everyone and especially for people with cystic fibrosis. Avoid smoking or smokers in your car, home or anywhere near you.

Hand-washing Habit
Hand washing is the best habit that ought to be followed to keep away from infection. Make it a practice that all the members of your family wash their hands thoroughly before and after eating, after using the bathroom, when returning from home, work or school, and after being around a sick person.

Never Miss your Medical Appointments
Make sure not to miss your regular follow-up appointments. Take your medications as recommended and follow therapies as taught. If you experience any signs or symptoms like severe constipation, more mucus than usual, blood in your mucus or reduced energy, contact your doctor.

Coping and Support
People with cystic fibrosis often experience strong emotions like fear or anger. This is usually common in teens. Getting support from groups who have the same issue and talking out your emotions can really help. Even psychological consultations prove to give better results. Educate your children if they are having this problem. Consult with a doctor on how to care about when your children grow older.

If any of your family members exhibit cystic fibrosis, it is better to test whether you or your partner may want to undergo genetic testing before having children. The test is performed on a sample of blood which can help determine your risk of having a child with cystic fibrosis.


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