Cystic Fibrosis – Prevention at Home

Lifestyle and home remedies
You can manage your condition and minimalize complications in quite a few ways. Always having a conversation with your doctor before taking up home remedies is essential.

Pay Heed to Nutrition and Fluid Intake
Cystic fibrosis can cause malnourishment because the enzymes needed for digestion can’t reach your small intestine and thus preventing food from being absorbed. People with cystic fibrosis may need a significantly higher number of calories daily than do people without the condition. Maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water. In addition to this make sure you take your prescribed supplements if any. Consultation with a nutritionist is the best option.

Regular Exercise
Daily exercise can help in strengthening your heart as well as loosening mucus in your airways. Participation in sports can help increase confidence levels and self-esteem. Anything that gets you moving like walking or biking can help.

Give up Smoke
Never be a victim of passive smoking. It is very harmful for everyone and especially for people with cystic fibrosis. Avoid smoking or smokers in your car, home or anywhere near you.

Hand-washing Habit
Hand washing is the best habit that ought to be followed to keep away from infection. Make it a practice that all the members of your family wash their hands thoroughly before and after eating, after using the bathroom, when returning from home, work or school, and after being around a sick person.

Never Miss your Medical Appointments
Make sure not to miss your regular follow-up appointments. Take your medications as recommended and follow therapies as taught. If you experience any signs or symptoms like severe constipation, more mucus than usual, blood in your mucus or reduced energy, contact your doctor.

Coping and Support
People with cystic fibrosis often experience strong emotions like fear or anger. This is usually common in teens. Getting support from groups who have the same issue and talking out your emotions can really help. Even psychological consultations prove to give better results. Educate your children if they are having this problem. Consult with a doctor on how to care about when your children grow older.

If any of your family members exhibit cystic fibrosis, it is better to test whether you or your partner may want to undergo genetic testing before having children. The test is performed on a sample of blood which can help determine your risk of having a child with cystic fibrosis.


Quick and Handy First Aid Tips for Common Accidents

Stumbles are not only frequent with business men but also with toddlers from the moment they take their first step. It may not be possible to keep them away from falling but follow these below tips to make them feel better.

Cut or Scrape
Press firmly over the area where there is bleeding with a clean cloth until it stops.Show the wound under lukewarm running water and pat dry. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment preferably Neosporin or Bacitracin if the wound has peeled off some skin, then cover with a bandage or gauze and adhesive tape. Repeat the same until the cut heals, so your child can’t pick at it.

Hold the burn affected area immediately under cool running water or place a cold, wet towel until the pain declines. Cover any small blisters with a loose bandage or gauze and tape; call a doctor as soon as possible if burns are on the face, hands, or genitals, or if they’re larger than 1/4 inch anywhere on the body. Don’t pop any blisters, apply an anti-biotic cream and cover the area if the skin is broken. Look out for any redness, swelling, tenderness, or discharge — all signs of infection.

Make your child sit upright, but don’t tilt her head back. Loosen any tight clothing around her neck. Pinch the lower end of her nose close and hold for 10-12 minutes. If it is due to trauma, hold an ice pack to slow down the bleeding. If condition persists rush to the doctor.

Splinter or Glass

Use soap and water to wash around the splinter. Clean a pair of tweezers with rubbing alcohol and slowly pull the splinter out. Wash the skin again. If the kid has stepped on shards of glass, cover the area with clean cloth and seek medical attention.

Eye Trauma
If your child has been hit or poked in the eye and eventually faces severe pain, constant tearing, light sensitivity, or blurry, hold a cool, wet cloth over the area and head to the E.R. Minor scratch on the eye’s surface can be treated with prescription drops or ointment and usually heals within 48 hours. If a chemical has been splashed in his eye, hold the lid open and flush with lukewarm water and rush to the hospital.

Insect Bite or Sting
Gently scrape the skin with a credit card to remove the insect stinger without breaking it. (Using tweezers can squeeze out more venom.) Call emergency if your child has trouble breathing, is coughing, or develops a hoarse voice, swollen lips or tongue.For itching, hold a cold compress over the affected area for a minute, or apply calamine lotion or a 1% hydrocortisone cream or topical antihistamine. Connect to your doc if you suspect a tick bite.

Keep Prehypertension in Control

Prevent Prehypertension from Progressing into High Blood Pressure.

What Is Prehypertension?
When the blood pressure is between 120/80 mm Hg and 139/89 mm Hg, it’s called prehypertension. Prehypertension is a condition in which your blood pressure is not high enough to be considered high blood pressure, or hypertension, but it is high enough to put you at increased risk of developing high blood pressure in the future.

At this stage it is important to make the lifestyle changes that will decrease your prehypertension from turning into hypertension. And that, in turn, will also decrease your chances of having blood pressure-related health problems such as:
Kidney failure
Heart disease
Heart attack

How to Deal With Prehypertension?
Keep up a Healthy Weight
Maintaining ideal weight reduces the risk of blood pressure which eventually keeps you away from tension. Make sure you fall within your Body Mass Index (BMI). A little extra pounds lost can also keep you within the safe barrier.

Exercise Regularly
Besides maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity is also essential to keep your blood pressure in check. 30 minutes spent everyday in brisk walking, running or cycling can help so much.

Eat a Balanced Diet
A balanced diet with necessary fiber, low fat, mineral and vitamin rich food can support you best at beating hypertension and keeping you happy. Consume low fat dairy and whole wheat.

Cut Down Your Sodium Intake
Limiting your sodium intake to 2,400 milligrams or less per daymay help you control your blood pressure. Avoid using table salt, reduce on junk, stay away canned foods, soups and processed foods for dinner.

Lesser Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol is a friend to hypertension and blood pressure. Making lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing hypertension and related health problems. But the changes you make should be permanent so that you can bask in good health without much worry.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

The Healthiest Drink for Many Reasons

Vitamin C Hub
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that cannot be synthesized by the human body. It protects us from harmful free radicals and protects against tissue damage which leads to aging. Two glasses of orange increases 40%-60% of Vitamin C concentration in our body

Saves you from Inflammation
High fatty foods may shrink the space in your blood vessels especially the one that leads to your heat. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Also Type 2 Diabetes may also occur due to over secretion of insulin to react on the glucose. This over production leads to inflammation. The best method to reduce this risk is to consume a glass of orange juice after heavy meals. This prevents fat depositions in the walls of blood vessels.

Develops Diastolic Blood Pressure
Orange juice contains hesperidin, which improves the activity of small blood vessels, blood pressure and decrease the cardiovascular risk. Regular intake of orange juice may improve diastolic blood pressure.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels
As mentioned above, this juice is rich in flavonoids which can reduce the risk of heart attack upto 19%. Also it is rich in citrates, which prevent the formation of kidney stones. Natural orange juice without added water or sugar reduces the levels of “bad” cholesterol, blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular problems.

Promotes Weight Loss
Orange juice when consumed on an empty stomach is said to purify the body by eliminating waste and improve intestinal movement. Drink orange juice everyday and the possibilities of suffering from obesity is lowered by at least 14%.It increases gastric juice in the stomach and aids in digestion.

Major Health Benefits
Orange juice can help prevent Deafness, Vision Loss, Cancer, etc. It is best when consumed along with food as it helps in better assimilation and absorption of food.

Keep Your Peepers Healthy

Don’t take your eyes for granted.

Eat Healthy
The food on your plate determines your eye health. Balanced food and lots of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids are most apt for good vision. Green leafy veggies, oily fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, nuts, etc are most suitable and should be added in everyday diet. Lower the chances of obesity lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes which causes blindness.

Leave Smoking
Smoking not only causes cancer and kills, but it also increases the chances of damaging your sensitive eye tissues and nerves. Seek medical attention if you’re already into it.

Practice Wearing Sunglasses
Shades have been proven to safeguard the eyes and reduce the risk of many eye damages. They prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays, UVA & UVB which increases your chances of cataracts and macular degeneration. Choose a pair of sunglasses that gives 99%-100% protection and. Polarized glasses reduce glare and wrap around glasses gives full eye coverage.

Don’t Continuously Look at the Computer Screen
Constant looking at your PC screen may cause eye staring which brings along blurriness, problems with depth perception, dryness, headaches, etc. So as to protect your eyes make you look away from your screen every now and then, focus on things near and far, try wearing computer glasses, sit comfortable, use anti-glare if required and most importantly blink more.

Regular Eye Check Up
Periodical eye test and check-up can help you a lot with your vision health. Detecting any problems at the early stage can reduce the risk of major problems. Eyes are the most valued possessions we have and it is indeed the gateway to the world. Take good care of them.

Feet Does Speak on Your Health

It’s time to note for problems hiding in your sock
Podiatrists say that since our feet are far away from our spine and heart, it is vulnerable for higher range of nerve issues. Any changes in the texture of our feet like colorations, dryness, etc., or with the nails, it could be a symptom of a disease which could be treated if found early.  Here, we have listed out a few major foot concerns which is best to be checked with your physician.

Bald feet and toes
This can mean some serious blood circulation problems. Hair requires blood flow and hence hairlessness can be a sign of insufficient or interrupted blow flow.

Recurrent foot cramping
This means lack of fluids and nutritional scarcities. These cramps occur randomly due to dehydration. So make sure you drink adequate water and also check on your potassium, magnesium and calcium intakes. Simple remedy is to soak your feet in warm water and keeping the toes pointed upwards. If cramps persist check the doctor for circulatory or nervous issues.

Wound that takes time to heal
This can mean Diabetes or skin cancer. Sometimes a cut or sore can occur even without you feeling it which is a danger sign of diabetes. Excess glucose levels are prone to attack your feet tissues initially. This cut may develop infection or even worse it could call for amputation. Also, melanoma can occur in legs too. So it’s best to keep an eye on skin checks.

Cold feet
This is a common symptom of Hypothyroidism. This condition also has other symptoms like hair loss, fatigue and abnormal gain in weight. This is common after 40 years of age. On proper medication, you’ll start warming up.

Swollen big toe
This might mean Gout or any other inflammatory problem. Sudden enlargement of big toe along with pain, redness and joint pains might require immediate medical attention.

Heel ache
This means a condition called Plantar fasciitis. It causes a sharp pricking pain in the heels when you stand or walk. This is due to a strain in the ligament and it is best to check on the type of shoes you wear. Proper stretching exercises are mandatory.

Itchy or peeling skin
This means Fungal infection.  Even if you’re not an athlete you can still be prone to athletes foot. Try to keep your foot from being moist. Treat with anti-fungal cream if itchiness persists.

Yellow toenails
This can either mean Fungus or pedicure overload. Don’t worry if your toenails are yellow. This could be over application of nail polish without breaks. Sometimes age also matters. If your nails are brittle, it could be due to fungal attack and its best to consult your doctor.

Line of Attack For Stopping Emotional Eating

Are you eating your feelings? Try these expert tips to help!

It sounds simple when someone tells you to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. But imagine a plateful of delicacies, the one that tempts your taste buds, it becomes utterly undoable.

Be mindful on what you Eat
A common issue with emotional eating is that we tend to overeat when we don’t focus on what we put in our mouths. Research states that people who swipe at their cell phones or stare at the TV gobble down up to 50 percent more food than those who focus on their meals! Best trick is to set your table even if it’s just for one to create an ambience in order to enjoy your meal.

Eat balanced diet
When we are starving, it’s difficult to make rational choices. Three healthy meals a day tend to save you from being ravenous in between meals.  Cravings occur for mostly foods based on sweet or salt content as they are not getting enough protein fiber and healthy fat. Protein is very filling, little amounts of fat send pleasure signals to the brain, and fiber slows digestion and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

Set a timer before you dig in.
Research states that when we take 20 minutes break after every mouthful of food we would know if we are really hungry. It takes 20 minutes for the signals to reach the brain stating that it is full. Take breaks in between meals to reduce eating habits. Divert yourself by doing small works in between, like folding clothes, checking your email, etc. This will help your from refilling your plate more and more.

Keep a food journal.
Keeping a food journal might sound old but it does work. Tracking your food can help you cut down calories. Research shows that women who maintained a food journal lost pounds. It’s not just a food journal but it also helps you track your emotions. Jot down every food that touches your lip and for better results keep away the foods that you tend to reach during your cravings.

Cast out trigger foods from your house.
Study states that we tend to eat more of the foods we crave at the very sight of them. So it is better to keep them away or altogether banish them from the shelf or refrigerator.  Also don’t go to the grocery store when you’re stressed because your food swings will tempt you to stock up on cookies and crunch.

Exercise portion control
To keep you from gorging, split the chips or cookies into small portions and serve yourself only one portion at a time. The key behind this is that whenever you get up from the couch for more it might help you stop yourself from having it.

Don’t eat to give company
Study shows that there are more chances to stuff you in when amidst people who have the munchies. Also, it’s difficult for the people who would love to maintain social harmony by accompanying them even when they aren’t hungry. Leave away the guilt and sip a tea instead.

Play with your pets
Spending some time with your pets considerably decreases depression. This will prevent you from reaching food as a shoulder to feel better. Pets especially dogs help create oxytocin, the feel good hormone which automatically boosts your mood. In case you don’t have a pet, do something else that makes you happy, like getting a massage, pedicure or stepping out into the sunshine.

Be aware: your plate may be too full
Sometimes, the everyday things that you’re handling may also cause you to feel stressed which may eventually lead you to emotional eating. Recognize when you eat whilst feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and self-analyse. Jot down the things that bother you. Get rid of troubles that mess with your mind. Certain things we may not be able to get rid of, set boundaries. Seek professional advice if required, remember food is always an easy crunch, but to shed those pounds is breathtakingly tedious.

Are Morning Workouts tiring? Try this

Getting up before sunrise itself is like stepping into a lion’s lair for some and breaking some sweat can be badly disheartening. Find out trouble-free yet practical ways to keep yourself healthy.

Prep Your Bag
Excavating through your dresses early in the morning is absolutely not enjoyable. Pack your bag with fresh and crisp gym clothes every night. Keep aside the old/used ones every evening or before you got to bed.

Get Yourself Out Of Bed
Keep your alarm farther from reach. Make sure you have to stumble from your bed to turn it off so that you don’t snooze your morning sweat session. This way you are forcibly waken and might as well work out, right?

 Have A Light Snack
Never have a stomach filling meal before your workout as it can make you sick and sometimes throw up during your routine. At the same time don’t starve, instead have a light snack before and after your work out session.

Drop The Booze
The smallest intake of alcohol can leave you sluggish in the morning. In case you had to with friends or family or an occasional party, remember to drink more water to keep you hydrated during the routine.

 Early To Bed
Make it a habit to go to bed earlier so that you wake up early. Try having tea that contains valerian, which is used for insomnia (inability to sleep). Also, avoid caffeine and spending time with electronics to get better sleep.

Make Friends
Keep yourself motivated because after a couple of days many tend to lose interest. Once you slip and by the time you regain consciousness about your body, you might have missed on a week’s workout. Befriend people at the gym, set regular gym dates with a friend or get to know another gym-goer who you know will be looking for you in the mornings—works like a charm!

Plan Your Routine
Break the monotony of the routine and make it interesting. Try things like signing up for a spin class, having a sketch of your entire routine; bring any of your inspiring guides for workout. They guarantee a highly intense workout—and high speed results!

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss

The brightest part of mornings is that they’re so full of energy! No matter whether you laced up your sneaks yesterday or overindulged a bit on a co-worker’s birthday cake, there’s always a fresh chance to get closer to your health goals. To maintain that ‘get-fit’ drive going on all-day long, start your day off right with these morning habits that will motivate you even more.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Some Sunshine - sub 1.jpgSome Sunshine

Basking in the sun’s rays can not only give you the essential Vitamin D for your skin but also helps you drop those pounds! Research has proven that people, irrespective of their age, the activity they do, their eating habits, etc., had lower BMIs than those who were in the “dark”. Just 20-30 minutes of sunshine between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. helps regulate your internal bio clock. This is vital for weight loss, as it aids your sleep schedule.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - A Little More Shut Eye - sub 2.jpgA Little More Shut Eye

This one goes on like hand in glove with the previous tip. Spending more time on those dearest Zzzs can help you eat less and have fewer cravings than people who skimp on sleep. On an average people who have had an additional 1.6 hours of shut-eye experienced a considerable drop in appetite and cravings for junk! Try to organize your schedule so you can get a little more a.m. time in bed instead of whimpering every time the alarm goes off.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - mindful mood - sub 3.jpgMindful Mood

Mindfulness is a key approach for weight loss. It’s all about taking an attentive and intentional approach to your life by really tuning into your body and mind. Even better, it can stabilize your emotions and make you less prone to give into stress eating. Begin your morning with mindfulness, sit in silence and focus on the tempo of your breath.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss -Changing Your Commute - sub 4.jpgChanging Your Commute

Driving to work is easy, but it may take a toll on your waistline. People who walk, bike, and take public transportation have lower BMIs and body-fat percentages than those who depended on their cars to get to work. This doesn’t mean you have to strain. Even walking to the closest bus stop or train station can be advantageous.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Go High-Protein - sub 5.jpgGo High-Protein

Despite the fact that the jury is still out there on whether breakfast is important for weight loss, protein intake in the morning can help you shed weight. Protein takes a long time to digest which helps increase feelings of fullness.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Let the Sweat beads roll - sub 6.jpgLet the Sweat Beads Roll

Working out at any point is a good thing! But besides giving your metabolism a boost that lasts well into the day, study also states that it reduces the temptation to hog on spotting pictures of unhealthy food. It keeps you more active throughout the day, no matter your weight.

Easy Morning Habits for Weight Loss - Pack your Snack - sub 7.jpgPack Your Snack

Avoid the afternoon race to the vending machine. Take just a few minutes every morning to make sure you’ve got enough snacks for the day. It’s easy to underestimate how much fuel you’ll need throughout the day when you’ve just stepped down from bed. So instead of throwing an apple in your bag, plan some extra time to prep some quick and healthy snacks that will keep you on the path to weight-loss success.

Tell your cell to live well!

Biologically speaking, we all know that every living organism is made up of cells. Cells group together to form tissues and tissues together form organs. Organs together should function in sync for us to be hale and healthy. Many of us in this tech savvy generation suffer from stress. When the mind feels stressed out, it automatically affects the stomach. That is because they are connected.

The Enteric Nervous System, more widely called the little brain controls digestion, breaks down food, controls blood flow, every functioning from assimilation to elimination. That’s why we have the stomach upset, vomiting sensation, loss of appetite, headache, etc.

Research findings say that trees and plants communicate. When a tree is being cut, it sends signals to the nearby trees. In comparison to tree cells, human cells are more complex and advance. When a signal from the brain is sent to your hands to pick up your keychain, it obeys. We control our body. Similarly, we can instruct our cells to be healthy. Researchers have found that even tumour cells can be controlled. Sending signals to every cell by our thoughts can work miracles on our health and cure ailments. Many Martial Arts schools practice this technique to relax all body muscles and soothe the pain. It is simple to use and practice.

  1. Sit or lie down, make sure you’re comfortable
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Speak in your thoughts, “relax your eyes” in the same tone how ‘OM’ is vibrated. After eyes, think of your nose, face, head and until you cover the entire body
  4. Talk to your cells, tell them to be happy, to be energetic and most importantly – to heal.

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said, YOU are the most wonderful person with whom you need to converse everyday.
Talk to your cells and live well… 🙂